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Are you looking for an artist to design your wedding… you’re way? Or maybe you would want to find out what is possible and perfect for you? If yes then you have come to the cozy and smart place to be.

There are hundreds of things that make that special day even more special and we make sure you don’t worry about them but simply relax and know that everything is under control.

We Love making your day amazing! Filled with love and celebration so that you can look back to those big bright pictures of your past and smile and remember how perfect that day was. And that brings us back to why we called ourselves “Simply Perfect”, virtually all our customers say one thing…. “it was perfect!” and so we decided to call ourselves specifically what we love to do.

@ Simply Perfect we not only want to design your special day so that everything looks amazing, we also want to make the whole process easy and fun.

We offer FREE consultations and suggestions, so don’t overwhelm yourself with all the confusing steps and give our friendly experts a call.

Call Now (916) 642 2910
or schedule an appointment here.

some of our work....

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